About the company

Our company has been working in the architectural materials market for 20 years. "AKA-INTER" Ltd. deals with manufacturing artificial ornamental stone for interior and exterior decoration brand named "Living Stone". All the "Living Stone" TM products are certified and have the health standards report and the radiation certificate.

Artificial ornamental stone is rather convenient and nice material for finish coat, it adapts to any architectural and construction task. Besides, it is much easier than natural stone and has a large range of colors though it is not inferior to the surface reliefs, simulating the texture of the original. Artificial ornamental stone can simulate nearly any natural material. Ornamrntal tiles, imitating the natural stone, has excellent aesthetic characteristics.

Due to the uniqueness and diversity of the forms used in the manufacture, our products can be hardly distinguished from natural stone in their visual appearance. The products diversity eliminates their repeatability, and thus, they have been successfully used for apartments, facades and building plinths, as well as for the interior decoration of walls, columns, fireplaces and other interior parts.

Gypsum is used as the raw material for the of interior finishing decorative stone manufacturing., tiles made from cement and sand of a natural origin, various fillers and natural pigments are used for exterior and interior ornamental materials. Therefore, it can only be considered artificial material only conditionally.

The company "AKA-INTER" constantly monitors the life of the construction business, taking an active part in international construction exhibitions, where to get acquainted with new foreign partners. At these events, the company represents most of its products, as well as new items that are just coming on the market.